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Batteries Batteries Batteries

If nothing happens when you turn the key

When you turn the key and nothing happens, your battery probably has a problem. Without the battery, you're not going anywhere. Let Vince's Gulf Station test your battery to see how well it's charging.

•  Slow engine turn over or crank

•  Check engine light is on

•  Battery or other warning lights are on

•  Low fluid level inside battery

•  Swollen battery case

•  Powdery build-up on battery terminals

Warning signs of a weak battery

Attempting to work with a car battery without knowing what you're doing can lead to a dangerous situation, including electric shocks. It's not worth the risk. Bring your car over to Vince's Gulf Station on Ridge Ave. in Philly. You'll be glad you did.

Don't mess with a battery

For foreign and domestic repairs call:

Vince's Gulf Station gives you

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