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It's a fact - proper brakes save lives

Some brake problems are just about noise. Other brake problems can be deadly. The noises are just a warning of future problems. At the first sign of trouble, contact Vince's Gulf Station for help.

•  Screeching, squealing, or grinding noises

•  Pushing further down on the brake pedal than usual

•  Pulling the emergency brake further than usual

•  A delay in pushing the brake and the car slowing

•  Car slightly rolling when in park

•  Intermittent effectiveness of brakes

Different signs of brake problems

Checking and repairing brakes are more complicated than you think because of the various parts involved. When you bring your car to Vince's Gulf Station, you won't have a thing to worry about. We'll take care of everything from discs to brake pads, rotors, fluids, engines, and more. We do it all.

Rotors, discs, calipers, fluids

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